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SUPREME MACA 6000MG PILLS/OIL FOR [+27785165964] Hips and bums enlargements(SUPREME MACA PILLS AND SERUM OIL) on sale in SOUTH AFRICA,USA,UK,DURBAN,JOHANNESBURG,PRETORIA,JOHANNESBURG,PRETORIA,PIETERMARISBURG,MPUMALANGA,CALIFORNIA,QATAR,OMAN,KUWAIT,LONDON,NEW YORK,LONDON,DUBAI,UK. Transparency & Quality We take pride in delivering the highest quality products to you. Knowing how important transparency and quality is to you, Supreme Maca went through a rigorous system of tests carried out on the raw materials and the finished product. This testing includes heavy metals, impurities, microbial, potency, identity and safety testing. We value quality just as much as you value your health, and as a result nothing leaves our facility without going through these required tests for a 100% quality assurance. All products are manufactured and tested in the USA, in a state-of-the-art FDA approved facilities, with GMP, NSF and Halal certifications. 100% Non-GMO ingredients, free of wheat, soy and dairy. Lab verified and thoroughly vetted for Quality Assurance. Labelling was done in accordance with FDA guidelines, and percentage constitution of the active ingredients is completely just as given. Features: • 6000mg Maca root. • 12x stronger than other supplements. • 90 GIT-Friendly capsules. • NON-GMO Ingredients. Free of Wheat, Soy or Diary. • No artificial ingredients. • 1200% more extract. • 100% Certified Organic. • Peruvian black maca root extract (not powder). • Laboratory verified Can Taking Maca Really Help with Buttocks Growth or Curves? A lot of people have been asking and the simple answer is Yes. Especially if taken regularly at the recommended dose and with appropriate exercise. Does it mean it cannot work without exercises? No! Maca promotes hormonal balancing. A healthy estrogen level is clearly linked to enhanced female curves. Supreme Maca however, also contains red clover-a highly potent estrogenic herb, and Black cohosh which has been said to add weight to the hips. How Exercise Works: Gluteus Muscles are the large, fleshy muscles of the buttocks. Most prominent of them is the Gluteus Maximus which is not only the biggest gluteal muscle, it’s also the largest muscle in the human body. And, due to its superficial (closest to the surface) placement, it’s responsible for providing the booty’s famously rounded shape. Maca helps the growth of this muscle because of its richness in bio-available proteins. Using high strength Maca and with appropriate exercises such as leg lifts, squatting, hill walking, leg curls, you will gain more Butt. You can expect your results in 4 weeks. Why Supreme Maca? World’s: No1 Maca root cap at 6000mg/serving; No1 Maca root cap with the ingredients formula & grade; World’s Strongest Maca root formula. • Just as the name implies, it’s the strongest and most potent maca root extract capsules, with 270,0000mg per bottle CT (the closest brand however is 60,000mg per bottle CT). • Our revolutionary blend is manufactured and thoroughly tested to best of quality and safety in the USA, in a state-of-the-art facility with FDA approval, GMP, NSF and Halal certifications. • Packaging and Labeling followed standard FDA guidelines and active ingredients are 100% in accordance with the labelling. • Our maca root is in extract form, not powder. Take note of this when you want to purchase your maca root and always go for maca extract. Extract is standardized, while powder is not. See Maca root extract as an enhanced form of the powder. . It’s maximum potency. It works faster and better. • It will take 12 bottles of ‘500mg Maca root capsules’ to match 1 bottle of ‘Supreme Maca’. That is, 1 bottle of Supreme Maca = 12 Bottles of 500mg Maca root. • Assays were carried out for the validation of the percentage active ingredients constitution present and was found to be 100%. • Made with pure organic Maca root extract, enhanced with highly concentrated Red clover and Black cohosh for their rich benefits. Infused with research-proven and potent Gentiana lutea root and Centaurium erythraea. Having all the coveted benefits of these amazing ingredients in one bottle is what this unparalleled product, Supreme Maca, offers you. Active Ingredients: 6000mg Maca root - extract (Lepidium meyenii), Black Cohosh root (Actaea racemo), Red clover (Trifolium pratense), Centaurium Erythraea, Gentiana Lutea root. Suggested Use: 1-2 capsules daily preferable with meals or as directed by a healthcare professional. MAKE YOUR ORDER NOW!!!!!!!!!!! CALL/WHATSAPP